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A Part of Your Life.

Rice Lake Square serves the community of Wheaton, Illinois, with a wonderful array of shopping, dining, entertainment and personal services. Whether you’re looking for fashion apparel at a great value, ingredients for a recipe you’d like to try, or an evening out with family or friends, you’ll find all this and more in one easy location. Shop better. Live better.

Located at Butterfield & East Loop Road just east of Naperville Road, in Wheaton, IL

Store, restaurant and theater hours vary. Check individual businesses for information.

Honey. We’re Home.

Reconnect at Rice Lake Square through engaging and educational events, local products, and environmental awareness.

What is all the BUZZ about?

From planting bee-loving flowers to harvesting fresh honey, we strive to preserve the natural surroundings of Rice Lake Square. We’ve partnered with Alveole, Inc. to bring you natural products made by the bees right here at Rice Lake Square. It’s part of the Rice Lake lifestyle. Shop better. Live better.

Bee Products Donation is a Sweet Surprise for People’s Resource Center, Wheaton IL (February 3, 2023)Learn More

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