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Project Description


Kid-focused science learning centers, providing hands-on fun, problem solving, and creative design classes to kids ages 2-12.

Our cool classes, developed by curious scientists and taught by passionate teachers, enable kids to discover on their own terms why and how things work. Every class that we design at KSL begins with a question that is asked by kids: Why is my cereal so soggy? How can that bridge hold all of those cars? Where is our blood made? Then we use hands-on science as a vehicle for engaging, discovering, and learning through actual experience, not just explanation.

KSL also offers the coolest birthday parties on the planet and awesome Summer and Day Off Camps to keep kids learning when school is out.

By engaging kids as early as 2 years old with the hands-on science they love and with regular frequency year ’round, we can enhance problem solving, foster a love of learning and enable a generation of critical thinkers and leaders.

We believe wondering “why” can change the world.  At Kids Science Labs we teach kids how.