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Be a Busy Bee!

Be a Busy Bee!

Come Visit the Hives at Rice Lake Square!

Track the Bee Hive from Rice Lake Square

  • There’s lots going on at the Rice Lake Square / Alveole Beehive!
  • There’s a reason we’re doing this: by adopting honeybees, we are helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the subtle wonders of nature.

Honey Bees at the Hive

The harvest has happened! Here’s the most recent recap from Alex Ansari, Urban Beekeeper:

This week was a big week — we harvested the honey from your hives! On that note, I have great news: your honey will be ready at our next visit. We will deliver your honey from the hive on September 29th at the “Feeding” visit — 8 boxes of 25 jars (200 jars total).

Your hives now look a little different as they are back down to one box tall and you might see some bees congregating on the front entrance. This is because we took away the upper boxes so they are a little crowded and a little warm, so they are enjoying the fresh air from outside the hive. You will notice it more on the hot days, but it will happen less frequently as it gets colder and the population begins to shrink in anticipation of winter.

Your boxes of honey were in our hot room for 24 hours before we began the extraction process. We uncapped each of your frames by hand and spun them in our centrifugal extractor, which flows into a mesh sieve to filter any wax particles out. Your honey was then jarred with your custom label and packed up!

Kids Science Lab visitA visit from Kids Science Labs to our hives thrilled these young apiarists!
(Photo courtesy of Kids Science Labs)

Don’t miss these upcoming events:

  • Feeding the Colony • September 29 – 9:15am
  • Wintering the Hive • October 20 – 9:15am

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Activity Bee Booklet

In this booklet, you’ll find educational activities geared toward the whole family to create moments of learning and connection with nature and home.

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